Film Horror Missing You (2016) Full Movie Trailer

Genre: Horror
Producer: Dika Barele
Director: Peppiona Cheppy
Author: Peppiona Cheppy
Production: Bidar Batavia Group, Lorong Films

Missing You is about Libby (Claudia Beautiful) is often disturbed since moving into new homes. He accused his stepmother, Karina (Goddess Oktaviany) tearing photo birth mother. Libby did not particularly like the Karina, Libby even attempted suicide because he saw her stepmother. Karina although stepmother remained patient and menyangi care of Libby as his own child.

Once Karina wanted to be killed by the figure of a creature that lived in the house, Karina tried to talk with her husband Sam (Santana), but Sam did not believe it. How to end the story of this family. Watch Missing You in cinemas from 3 November, 2016.


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