Film Deco Truck Gal Nami Quadrilogy Part 1 Full Movie

Nami�s father was a legendary truck driver, and after his death, Nami inherited the deco-truck With her up-beat personality and super driving technique, Nami is popular among her customers. By coincidence, Nami meets Momoka, a hooker who takes truck drivers as customers. Momoka says to Nami, �I want to start a new life !!� and begs that she wants to be Nami�s assistant. She is overwhelmed by Momoka�s passion, and decides to take her in. One day, after dinner, the two return to the truck and sees that there is a box which they must have forgotten to load. So they load the box back in the truck, and the odd twosome drive away to the next destination. This �box� is the start of trouble for Nami and Momoka. What lies ahead in their destiny?!

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