Drama Korea Like for Likes (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Film Korea Like for Likes (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

As of late release from the military, Jin-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) is a well known on-screen character. Gyung-A (Lee Mi-Yeon) is a screenwriter for TV dramatization arrangement. She wouldn't like to ask Jin-Woo, yet requests that him in any case perform in her next dramatization arrangement. Jin-Woo turns down her offer. At a wedding, Jin-Woo sees Gyung-A's young youngster Bom. Jin-Woo thinks about whether he is the father.Sung-Chan (Kim Ju-Hyeok) runs a little Japanese eatery. Prior to his wedding, he rents a condo from flight specialist Joo-Ran (Choi Ji-Woo), yet Sung-Chan is dumped by his life partner. In the meantime, flight orderly Joo-Ran discovers that she was ripped off and now doesn't have a spot to sit tight. Sung-Chan offers to impart the flat to her.Soo-Ho (Kang Ha-Neul) is a musician. He is additionally hard of hearing from an auto crash that he was included in secondary school. Soo-Ho has never had a sweetheart. He is a normal client at Sung-Chan's Japanese eatery. One day, at Sung-Chan's eatery, he meets show arrangement maker Na-Yeon (Esom). They have a decent time eating and drinking together. In the wake of trading messages on Facebook, Soo-Ho and Na-Yeon go on a couple dates together. Soo-Ho can't educate her concerning his listening to incapacity.

Drama Korea Like for Likes (2016) Subtitle Indonesia


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