Download Film One Missed Call Bluray Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film One Missed Call (2008) Bluray Subtitle Indonesia

A girl named Leann (Azura Skye) receives a missed call message from a friend named Shelly. It turned out that Shelly is dead, when the phone message to your phone Leann. Leann died two days later. Next, turn to Brian (Johnny Lewis) who received a call of Leann, who said that he would be killed in two days. Leann regard the message as a silly game that made him angry. He recounted the call on Beth (Shannyn Sossamon), his friend. He recounts how he came often see strange incident after receiving the message. Brian said that he often saw a man dressed all in black and wearing a hooded jacket, watched from a distance. And the black figure slowly began walking toward him. He did not understand the meaning, but still feel frightened. Soon Brian also died remained in sight Beth. Because suddenly a building under construction exploded and threw steel rods right into the heart of Brian. Stay Beth and Taylor (Anna Claudia Talancon), Leann friends who have not received and missed calls. But Taylor was sure that whatever killed Leann and Brian, would have killed them too. Because both of their names in the mobile phone and also Beth Leann. He believes that if the killer will kill those who are in the phone book Leann and Brian as well. Is Beth and Taylor will survive?