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After a reign of peace, king Osiris turns over the throne to his son Horus, with the peasant couple Bek and Zaya most of the crowd on the coronation. but, during the coronation Osiris is killed via his jealous brother Set, who seizes the throne and declares a new regime wherein the lifeless will must pay with riches to pass into the afterlife. Horus duels Set in deity shape however is overpowered, and during the chaos, Bek is separated from Zaya. Set would have killed Horus, but Horus’ lover Hathor begs for his existence, so Set settles for tearing out Horus’ eyes, which can be the source of his strength, and banishing him to the barren region.

A 12 months passes, at some stage in which Set marries Hathor and commissions a grand obelisk tower to be constructed in honor of his father Ra. Bek has discovered Zaya many of the slaves building the monument, under the possession of the chief architect Urshu. Believing that Horus is the handiest one that can defeat Set, she steals scrolls from Urshu’s library which give the floorplans to Set’s treasure vault. Maneuvering via one in every of them, Bek steals one in every of Horus’ eyes from the vault, but returns to locate Urshu has determined out about their theft. Bek and Zaya get away, however she is mortally wounded in the method and dies shortly thereafter.

Bek arrives at Horus’ jail, where he makes a good buy with the blinded god: one in all his eyes and Bek’s know-how of the way to get into Set’s tower in alternate for Horus bringing Zaya again from the dead. Horus has the same opinion, although not telling Bek that he can't resurrect the lifeless. Their time is restricted, as in some days Zaya will entire her journey through the underworld however at the end will have no riches to pay passage to the afterlife. With handiest a unmarried eye, Horus can't expect deity shape. in the meantime, Set discovers that a thief has stolen the attention from his vault, then later that Horus is not in jail.