The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Bluray Subtitle Indonesia

The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Diesel is Klauder a soldier of medieval then 'condemned' by the Witch Queen become immortal witch hunters. During the 800-year helped by dozens of generations Dolan (pastor), he ventured take a commission rogue wizards who do not follow the rules. Peace of the world of conflict of witch he has handled the conveniences expected in a case that threatens the black plague. Queen Witch Is it true that he killed eight centuries ago back up and plans to take over the world? With recourse to the beautiful witch, Chloe (Rose Leslie), Klauder ensure nightmare it never happened. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feitheimer mengadangkan The Last Witch Hunter as a new franchise, of course with the proviso if his success in the market. But see what happens, arguably desire Feitheimer too high. Could be called The Last Witch Hunter as the film has a big ambition but less power. But honestly, Eisner still capable of giving allure when it managed to maximize the charisma of a Vin Diesel didapuk main hero with the appearance of his trademark cool and macho who also assisted with the names of great assortment of Michael Caine, Elijah Wood until redhead beautiful, Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones.