Film Obsessed Subtitle Indonesia

Film Obsessed Subtitle Indonesia

Judul: Obsessed
Jenis/Genre: Romantis, MellowDrama
Durasi: 2 Jam 12 Menit
Jadwal Rilis: 15 Mei 2014
Negara: Korsel
Distribusi: Next Entertainment World
Sutradara: Kim Dae-Woo
Penulis: Oh Tae-Kyung

Back to Korea in 1969 after a bloody battle in Vietnam, Kim Jin-peong (played by Song Seung-heon) the positions of the lighter he was assigned to lead a military hospital, his wife Sook-jin (played by Jo Yeo-jeong) into one the head nurse at the hospital. Early in the film Jin-peong handsome and dashing showed himself as a fair and compassionate and quickly felt by his colleagues, selian he made subordinate and military officials alike as individuals are equal without undifferentiated, however much the minds of hearts and Jin-peong mind is actually very severe post-traumatic stress before the war, he was always haunted by the deaths of his friends who meyiksa soul.
Jin-peong mind imbalance is getting worse and get into the abyss of chaos, when he fell in love with his son's wife who was beautiful, she was named Ga-Heun (diperankanLim Ji-yeon). He first met and fell in love when she tried to protect her from hospital patients are a bit crazy, from where they started sailng meet and eventually affair.

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Film Obsessed Subtitle Indonesia


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