Film Comic 8 Casino Kings Full Movie

Film Comic 8 Casino Kings Terbaru 2015

The film tells the advanced 8 secret agent mission under the leadership of Indro Warkop to run undercover mission be comic or a stand-up comedian, in search of a comic who became a liaison to a master criminal named The King money.
The comic eighth must go through many processes and barriers, of the need to avoid pursuit by Interpol and the police investigation of the events of the previous robberies, to face a group of thugs and criminals ax. They finally managed to arrive at the secret island belonging to The King, who became one of the largest casinos in Asia, where the gamblers from all over the world.
Comic 8 to rack my brain and do everything they can to be able to free itself from the trap waiting for them, in which the task of this mission is to capture the King and destroy the casino.

Film Comic 8 Casino Kings Full Movie


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