Vantage Point (2008) BluRay + Subtitle

Vantage Point (2008) BluRay + Subtitle

Vantage Point which was released in 2008 and is the action film directed by veteran director, Pete Travis. Starring actor - famous actor who has been familiar to us, such as Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox. Acting both already we can not doubt, they're real professional! Movies they star in any movie is almost always won praise from society, call it The Day After Tomorrow (2004), American Dreamz (2006), and others. Also there is Forest Whittaker, the Oscar-winning best actor.

The story begins from the Anti-Terrorism Conference which was attended by the President and the air-setting in Spain. However, the show became a stage drama and mystery behind the shooting of the president. There you will be presented with a story from several different people, first Rex Booker, a special TV news producer in the United States, then there is Thomas Barnes, who is a secret agent (secret service) as well as the presidential guard at the time. There is also Howart Lewis, American tourists who record all events there for the children - his son when he came home later. Then President Ashton, on the part of the president will meet with a fact that is true - really surprising


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