Knight and Day (2010) EXTENDED BluRay + Subtitle

Knight and Day (2010) EXTENDED BluRay + Subtitle

Knight and Day begins by telling the first meeting between Roy Miller (Cruise) with June Havens (Diaz) in an airport when both of them will fly to Boston in a same flight. June might consider meeting with Roy was a case of unintentional, but left the impression that quite special. But for Roy ... maybe not.

In a short time, June then found out that Roy is a government agent that is being sought because it was considered treason by the agency. Unfortunately, its proximity to Roy for the airport turned out to have been monitored by Agent Fitzgerald (Peter Saarsgard) and his men, who then thought that June is the accomplice Roy. Today, June must work together and follow each step Roy to avoid being arrested by people who have been eyeing Roy.

Filmscript Knight and Day, written by Patrick O'Neill, is actually not a spectacular thing and offer something new to the audience. In fact, in some parts, Knight and Day is filled with action scenes that are too excessive that it looks so ridiculous. However, the choice of director James Mangold to pack the whole movie with a storyline that quickly made Knight and Day actually appear as an action film comedy reliable.


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