Focus (2015) BluRay + Subtitle

Focus (2015) BluRay + Subtitle

What is interesting is despite failing Jess Nicky was successfully attract attention after the incident in the hotel room, which later became the driveway for him to be accepted and joined the team belongs to Nicky. Another problem is the first team of Nicky is not an ordinary group, consisting of dozens of pickpockets and hustlers who are able to work in fast motion and tidy despite being in a crowd, and secondly there is no loyalty in it, things that make Nicky and Jess three years later met in different conditions in Buenos Aires through indirect aid man named Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro).

Focus actually is one interesting surprise at the beginning of this year if the view is actually the beginning of a factor that is able to withdraw the expectations of the prospective audience, Will Smith, who two years ago managed to deliver a film that is very "painful" titled After Earth. You will be surprised with how the appearance at the opening concoction of Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, we get interesting characters behind the conflict as if trying to spread a sense of mystery, and most importantly, there is the charm behind the impression section that continues to move nimbly and slippery.


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