10,000 Saints (2015) WEB-DL + Subtitle

10,000 Saints (2015) WEB-DL + Subtitle

10000 SAINTS, focusing on Jude Keffy-Hom (Asa Butterfield), a teenage boy who lives in Vermont with her adoptive mother, Harriet (Julianne Nicholson) and his sister, Prudence (Nadia Alexander). They are involved with the world of drugs and alcohol, her best friend, Teddy (Avan Jogja) died of an overdose on the last day of 1987.
Jude and their new friend, Eliza from Manhattan to spend the night with partying.

Jude finally sent to Manhattan to reconnect with his father, Les. In Manhattan, the half brother Jude friends with Teddy, Jhonny. He began hanging out with the group Johnny straight, who do not use drugs, nor consume meat, making Jude out of trouble for the first time.

After he found that Eliza Teddy bear children of the deceased, he was with Johnny and Les into force Eliza who had to fight through the pregnancy so early in his life.


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